I am a runner, marathoner and RRCA certified running coach. I work with newer runners and first-time marathoners.

I write about running, training, overcoming self-doubt, and pushing through the times you want to quit.

I believe that everyone needs to define success for themselves and should always strive to be your best even when you aren’t the best.


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Things I love

Things I Love 3.24

These are the things I love for March 24. The podcasts, articles, shows, gear, and other stuff that is making me happy and making me smile. Read my previous Things I Love posts. Note: Some of these links are Amazon affiliate links […]

Replacing running shoes

When To Replace Your Running Shoes

I, like the stereotype of so many girls, love to go shoe shopping. Unfortunately, the one exception to this is shopping for running shoes. Replacing running shoes makes me nervous. They play such a pivotal role in staying healthy while […]

Long Run Mistakes

Marathon Training Long Run Mistakes

Ah, the long run. The central focus of the marathon training program. Those runs that make marathoners sound truly crazy to non-runners: “Why yes, I am going to run 20 miles this weekend (for fun).” You need to respect the […]

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One Year Anniversary

Reflections and Lessons Learned On The One Year Anniversary Of My Website

The only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come. -author unknown Today is the one year anniversary of my purchasing my first web domain. I had no idea what I was doing or what I was going […]

Signs a marathon is not for you

Can I Run A Marathon? 7 Signs The Marathon May Not Be For You

I love running marathons and I encourage other runners who want to try a marathon to push themselves and go for it. It is common for runners at some point in their running careers to ask themselves “Can I run […]

Running is my sweetheart

Why Running is My Sweetheart

Tis the season to think about hearts, flowers, and all things romance. To consider the people you love and the people who hopefully love you back. There is no shortage of articles about what makes a good sweetheart or a […]

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