I am a runner, marathoner and RRCA certified running coach. I work with newer runners and first-time marathoners.

I write about running, training, overcoming self-doubt, and pushing through the times you want to quit.

I believe that everyone needs to define success for themselves and should always strive to be your best even when you aren’t the best.


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My Blog Manifesto

With this blog and with my posts, I hope that I will encourage and support others to:

• Define what success means for you and to go out and strive towards that success
• Be your best, even when (especially when) you will never be the best
• Focus on improving your life and body, which may or may not involve how fast you are or how long you can (or want to) run
• Figure out what motivates you
• Ignore the goals or priorities that others say are important if they don’t inspire you
• Have balance in life and in running
• Look beyond finish time, age ranking, or the completion of a specific distance as the only indicators of worth
• Celebrate every victory, however large or small
• Have fun and enjoy running

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