How To Not Quit Running

how To Not Quit Running

Beginners Excuses and How To Beat Them Nobody starts running with a plan to immediately quit, but the statistics show that something like 70% of people who start a new fitness program quit soon after. Full disclosure: I won’t cite my […]

Skyline To the Sea Trail Marathon: Race Recap

Skyline To The Sea Marathon

I love the Skyline to the Sea marathon! This was Skyline #4 for me. The course is Northern California trail running at its best, starting in the Santa Cruz mountains and heading (not surprisingly) to the coast. While the course […]

The Things I Love 10.6

things i love

I’ll admit I struggled a bit putting together this week’s things I love post. It’s marathon race week for me, so all week I didn’t do anything new, didn’t eat anything new. I laid low and don’t do a whole lot. It […]

When Loved Ones Don’t Support Your Running

loved ones dont support your running

In a perfect world, everyone would support our goals and any efforts we take to improve ourselves. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. A Facebook acquaintance recently posted a question in a running group I follow. She had asked her […]

Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Recap: Week 16

skyline marathon training 16

It’s all over but the shouting now. With the physically hard part of training done, I have three weeks of tapering to suffer through before race day. More than anything with marathon tapering, the cumulative mental and physical exhaustion catches […]

The Things I Love 9.22

things I love

A random assortment of things I love this week, including a first: something I bought that made someone else happy. I figure that is close enough to include here, right? Read prior things I like posts. Note: Some of these links […]

Drag-N-Fly Trail Half Marathon: Race Recap


I’ve now written about Drag-N-Fly several times. First was a post about the lessons learned from it as the hardest half I’ve ever done. More recently, I considered my thought process in why I ever would want to try it […]