Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 10

Oakland Marathon Training week 10

This was a good week. It was a week where everything felt like it was coming together. Maybe the feeling will stick around, maybe it won’t. Either way, it’s here now so I’ll focus on that (I’m putting that newly […]

Puffin Picks 1.26

Puffin Picks 0126

The featured photo this week is the city of Oakland from the Mormon Temple. A view almost worth the 5-mile uphill run to get there. OK, the view (at least on clear days) is totally worth the run. Join me for the […]

Event Recap: Mindfulness And The Endurance Athlete

Minfulness and the endurance athlete

Last week, I attended a seminar ‘Mindfulness and the Endurance Athlete,’ held at GU Headquarters in Berkeley. The presentation was given by Bruckner Chase and Michelle Evans-Chase, athletes and ocean advocates. Read more about their foundation and what they do. Listen to […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 9

oakland marathon training wk 9

I was totally distracted on my runs this week by filming. All week, I stopped mid-run to film little segments for videos (based on past blog posts) that I’ll edit together and put on YouTube starting next week. I’ve also been […]

Running Is Boring: Embrace It

Running Is Boring

I think boredom is greatly misunderstood. ‘Being bored’ is often listed as a top reason new runners quit running. But I’ve come to enjoy running (at least in part) because it’s boring, not in spite of it. Harsh Reality #1: Running Is (or at […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 8

Oakland Marathon Training Recap week 8

I’m in the midst of the January doldrums. My hilly runs were super slow (even for me), and I had a general lack of enthusiasm. I read somewhere that January 12th is the day that most New Year’s Resolutions fail. […]

Puffin Picks 1.12

Puffin Picks 01122018

Welcome to my re-branded for 2018 Things I Love post, now called: Puffin Picks! I started this ‘things I like’ post series nearly a year ago on a whim, and was surprised by how much I enjoyed putting it together […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 7

Oakland Marathon Training Recap week 7

I started the year strong with the tail end of my 3-day, 2-year running extravaganza. And 5 days into the new year and I’ve already made one of my new year’s resolutions happen by officially launching my YouTube channel with […]