Why Marathoners Make the Best Employees

Marathoners make good employees

Can I toot my own horn a little? We marathoners are a pretty amazing bunch. I’ll admit we are a little crazy, we train for months so that we can pay for the privilege of running 26 miles. Terrible conditions? […]

What I Remind Myself Every Time I Start

running reminders when I start

I’ve been running marathons for more than half my life. You’d think I’d know what to expect by now. But there are a few running reminders I need to give myself every time I start a new marathon training cycle. […]

Marathon Mental Training: Preparing for Long Runs

Mental Training for Long Runs

Running a marathon is a physically demanding endeavor. (Hopefully) that is obvious going in. But running a marathon is also very challenging mentally. That challenge begins very early in training, getting through long run after long run. Long runs can be […]