Virtual Races: Why You Should Give One A Shot

Virtual Races

When you think about a ‘race,’ chances are you think of a mass of humanity running together. A crowd at the start, endless porta-potty lines, and a small army of volunteers making it all happen. And until recently, if you […]

26 Marathons, 26 Memories

Big Sur Marathon 2013

Growing up, we celebrated Golden Birthdays when your age matched your birthday day. So if your birthday was April 12th, your 12th birthday was your Golden Birthday. I recently ran my 26th marathon. Well, technically it was my 25th full […]

Anatomy Of A Pace Band

Pace Band

Note: Post contains affiliate links. Items purchased via these links may provide me the funds to afford energy gel. Thanks for subsidizing my GU habit. Read my full affiliate policy.   Many races offer pace bands for runners to use […]

Race Day Strategies: Running With A Pace Group

Pace Group on Race Day

It is increasingly common for races to have pace groups for marathons and half marathons. I’m seeing more 10ks and shorter distances with pacers. With a good race strategy and a little planning, a pace group can be a great […]

Race Day Strategies: Dealing With Race Day Crowds

Big Sur Marathon Start Line Tent

Strategies For The Crowd Averse Runner Marathons are getting bigger every year. The largest marathons like Chicago and New York are both now nearing 50,000 participants. It’s great that running and marathons are gaining in popularity, and I know many […]

How To Pick Your First Half Marathon

Picking your first half marathon

For many first-time half marathoners, picking their first race is simple. There is a home-town race or a race they have always dreamed of doing. But for others, it can be a surprisingly hard decision. If you don’t know which race […]