Building In An (Occasional) Out

Fitness Goal Exceptions

Many people (myself included), when setting up fitness resolutions, to-do lists, and action plans to achieve their fitness goals, think and plan in terms of absolutes: Thou shalt walk 10,000 steps every day, thou shalt go to the gym 3 times […]

Common Mistakes Runners Make With Their Skin

runners skin

Note: Post contains affiliate links.  Items purchased via these links may provide me the funds to afford energy gel.  Thanks for subsidizing my GU habit. Read my full affiliate policy.  When I head out for a run, my legs get the glory […]

Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Recap: Week 2

Warriors Celebration Lake Merritt

Considering my mileage is still pretty low and my intentional workouts have been fairly short in my preparations for this fall’s Skyline To The Sea Marathon, I found myself utterly exhausted several times this week. Read my training kick-off and prior week training […]

Advice For Second Time Marathoners

Second Marathon Advice

There is a ton of advice for first-time marathoners. And a second burst of advice for advanced marathoners who are trying to qualify for Boston, but I think a frequently overlooked group of marathoners are those setting out to train for […]

A Proud Fail

Proud Fail

My very first guest post is from my friend Beth Carter! Find her on LinkedIn. Beth is an amazing runner who is just as comfortable pacing a 3:30 marathon as she is pacing a 6-hour marathon. She intensely trained all winter (a […]

When Your Running Routine Becomes A Running Rut

Running Routine or Running Rut

Generally, having a running routine makes for more successful running. For me, having a routine keeps me from making excuses and bailing on runs. I learned early on that the key to my running success was to never ask myself any […]

Empowerment, Running and Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter

I am an ambassador for an event being held this summer, the Empower Race Series. Two days of running and yoga being held at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, California. Find out more or Register. Housed in the same complex, just […]

Running Gear That Made All The Difference

Running Gear

Note: Post contains affiliate links. Items purchased via these links may provide me the funds to afford energy gel. Thanks for subsidizing my GU habit. Read my full affiliate policy. Running is as simple (or as complex) a sport as […]