Why Running is My Sweetheart

Running is my sweetheart

Tis the season to think about hearts, flowers, and all things romance. To consider the people you love and the people who hopefully love you back. There is no shortage of articles about what makes a good sweetheart or a […]

Runners Guide to Chafing

Runners Guide To Chafing

Note: Post contains affiliate links. I may receive a benefit if you purchase from these links. Read my full Affiliate Policy. It is a rite of passage (hazing?) for every new marathon trainee: the first time you go home after […]

Non-Time Based Running Goals: What Inspires You?

Non Time Running Goals

This is the second part of goal setting series for runners.  Read the other parts in the seriesSetting Appropriate Goals For Runners & Are Your Goals Under Your Control? When I was going through the training to become a running coach, […]

Running in the Dark: Staying Safe

Running in the Dark

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, payment or other reward if you click on or make a purchase using these links. Read my full affiliate disclosure. It’s not breaking news that it is dark […]

Confessions of a Running Coach

Sara Kurth Running Coach

As a running coach, I would love to perpetuate the idea that all running coaches are perfect runners who create a plan and stick to it, fuel perfectly, always stretch after a run and never doubt their abilities. BUT… I […]