Do I Love Running?

Do I Love Running

I’ve been running for nearly 20 years. For the longest time, I never really considered how I feel about running. I keep signing up for marathons. Doing long runs. Working with new runners. Writing about running. I must love it, right? […]

Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Recap: Week 14

Skyline Marathon Training week 14

I swapped long runs around (because of a race next weekend), so it is peak mileage week! This was another ‘Goldilocks week’ – it wasn’t too amazing, but it also wasn’t too terrible. I guess that means I’m on track. Read […]

Slow Does NOT Mean Easy

Slow Running Marathon

6 Ways Running A 6-Hour Marathon Is Harder Than Running A 4-Hour Marathon The common wisdom is that running fast is harder than running slow. This is true if you are running the same amount of time: running fast for […]

Hard Won Lessons

Hard Won Lessons

Hard Won Lessons It Only Took 20 Years To Learn I’ve been running for a long time – nearly 20 years. One major upside to running for that long is I’ve had plenty of time to pick up on a […]

6 Things Runners Should Never Do 

Things Runners Should Never Do

I’m not a big fan of ‘always’ and ‘never’ statements. I take them too literally. There are so few cases where never really means never. I always hated taking true/false exams for exactly this reason. Poorly written questions drive me […]

Awkward Running Moments We’ve All Had

awkward running moments

If you run enough miles, you eventually will have those moments. The awkward running moments that will leave you red-faced (and not from the workout) and hoping that no one else noticed. Some of the moments are just awkward. Other are […]

Building In An (Occasional) Out

Fitness Goal Exceptions

Many people (myself included), when setting up fitness resolutions, to-do lists, and action plans to achieve their fitness goals, think and plan in terms of absolutes: Thou shalt walk 10,000 steps every day, thou shalt go to the gym 3 times […]

Common Mistakes Runners Make With Their Skin

runners skin

Note: Post contains affiliate links.  Items purchased via these links may provide me the funds to afford energy gel.  Thanks for subsidizing my GU habit. Read my full affiliate policy.  When I head out for a run, my legs get the glory […]

Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Recap: Week 2

Warriors Celebration Lake Merritt

Considering my mileage is still pretty low and my intentional workouts have been fairly short in my preparations for this fall’s Skyline To The Sea Marathon, I found myself utterly exhausted several times this week. Read my training kick-off and prior week training […]