Twas The Night Before Racing

With the various iterations of ’Twas the Night Before Christmas’ floating around this time of year, I was inspired to modify the classic holiday poem for runners. It will never replace the original, and I’m fairly certain I do not […]

Over the River… To a Trail Race

over the river

A slight diversion today. After a weekend of volunteering at a trail race in the rain, I’ve been thinking a lot about the joys of trail running in bad weather. There is something about being in the forest, in the […]

How To Make The World Better Through Running

improve world running

It has been a challenging week here in the US. The news has been filled with stories of doom and gloom. Many people are focusing on everything that is going wrong. I have dedicated myself to finding the good, focusing […]

How to Minimize Running Expenses

Running Expenses

Note: Post contains affiliate links. I may benefit from items purchased via these links. Read my full affiliate policy.  Time for a little myth busting. Somewhere along the way, someone pushed the idea that running was free. ‘Just lace up […]

Am I a Runner? When I First Knew I Was

Am I A Runner Disney Sara Kurth

I have gotten into several conversations lately where the question of ‘am I a runner?’ came up. As in, ‘I only run 3 times a week, am I a runner?’ or ‘I am slow (or take walk breaks) am I […]

Random Passing Thoughts on a Trail Run

Bear Creek trail run

Sometimes I wish I had some sort of dictation device with me during long runs. Especially on a trail run or other races where the environment provides all sorts of novel distractions and chances for my mind to wander. I […]