Running and Writing: A Perfect Pair Of Hobbies

Running and Writing

I’m spending the majority of my time lately doing one of two things: running and writing. Okay, maybe it’s actually four things, running, writing, thinking about running and thinking about writing. I’m just finishing my spring marathon and starting the […]

You Never Know Until You Try: Redefine Can’t

redefine can't

For most of my life, the world was pretty black and white. Everything was easily divided into two categories: the things I did, and the things I didn’t. There were several reasons for the things I didn’t do: I told […]

Why Running is My Sweetheart

Running is my sweetheart

Tis the season to think about hearts, flowers, and all things romance. To consider the people you love and the people who hopefully love you back. There is no shortage of articles about what makes a good sweetheart or a […]

2017: Setting Intentions

It’s not too late to set your intentions for 2017! I don’t make ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ but only on a technicality: I’m a big setter of goals, so January 1 is nothing special. What I have done the past few […]

My Daily Stretching Routine

Daily Stretching Routine

Note: Post contains affiliate links. I may benefit from items purchased via these links. Read my full affiliate policy.  Like many runners, I have very strong, but very tight, muscles. My hamstrings and hip flexors? Forget about it: they are […]

Twas The Night Before Racing

With the various iterations of ’Twas the Night Before Christmas’ floating around this time of year, I was inspired to modify the classic holiday poem for runners. It will never replace the original, and I’m fairly certain I do not […]