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The Huffing and Puffin Newsletter is sent out every two weeks. Every issue contains links to stories about Running, Fitness, Inspiration, and anything else that catches my eye.

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2017 Past Issues

March 22: Embracing the suck, focusing on your own life, and rekindling your excitement for life

March 8: Making the year epic, getting rid of mental clutter and the downside of positive thinking

February 22: Doing the unthinkable, being motivated by your problems and tough truths

February 8: Appreciating the small things, overcoming fears, and having a ‘jar of awesome’

January 25: Productive laziness, brutal lessons for happiness and decluttering your soul 

January 11: Taking life lessons from the Spice Girls, replacing bad habits with good ones, and what you should say to yourself more often.

2016 Past Issues

October 19: Core work, being good enough to try, and not giving up.

October 5: Uplifting songs, how exercise shapes you, and Icelandic folk songs. 

November 2: Keeping perspective, adding adventure, and the value of being useful.

November 16: Bucket lists, irritation, and glow blue bike trails.

November 30: Being your own fan, letting go of ‘shoulds,’ and enjoying the little things.

December 14: Why you are amazing, helping others and why you should stop trying

December 28: Sparking motivation, push-up modifications and starting your much-delayed project


Huffing and Puffin Newsletter
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Sent every two weeks, the Huffing and Puffin newsletter contains interesting links on running, fitness, inspiration, and whatever else catches my eye.